• 960x420_puma_in_tree

    Puma Tracker

    Over the last 20 years animal movement data has become one of the primary tools in managing and conserving wildlife. Its helping scientists better understand the ecology of everything from albatross and bluefin tuna in the oceans to antelope and cheetahs on land. But how often does the non-scientist actually get to see and play […]

  • 960x420_cliff_dogs_tailgate

    Capturing a Mountain Lion

    We’ve made a video of the mountain lion capture process explaining everything from looking for tracks to capturing and collaring the mountain lions themselves. If you’ve never seen redwoods glistening in the sunlight, or hound dogs picking up a fresh scent, or a mountain lion descending from over 40 feet up in a tree, then […]

  • 960x420_collar_in_hand

    High-Tech Collars

    Wildlife tracking devices have come a long way since the 1960’s. Back then scientists attached balloons to the backs of seals so they could follow them around the ocean by boat. Today GPS tags allow you do get dozens of locations a day on your study animals without leaving the comfort of your office (except […]

  • 960x420_tracks

    Habitat Fragmentation

    Habitat fragmentation is among the top threats to wildlife worldwide. Think about it. Just about everywhere you go in the world today, there are roads, houses and/or farms. For some species like coyotes, deer and raccoons, this is a great thing. But for other species like elephants, wolves and tigers it can spell doom. Here […]

Mountain lion kills deer on camera.

We recently captured this rare footage of a mountain lion killing a deer fawn in front of one of our remote cameras. Notice that the puma is holding the neck of the fawn and the fawn occasionally tries to wriggle free. This appears to be the strategy by which pumas kill their prey (at least […]


Hollywood Puma and Rat Poison

You may remember the beautiful National Geographic photo of a male puma, P-22, who lives in Griffith Park.  His territory is very close to humans, but, as far as we know, he’s never had a problem with that.  That is, until now. It turns out that P-22 has never bothered any people, but we have […]

46M in a tree when he was captured in January.

A detailed look at 46m’s journey from Big Basin to Mountain View #MVpuma

By now many of your have read about 46m’s big adventure into downtown Mountain View.   Here we take a closer look at how he got there based on data we retrieved from his collar after we anesthetized him in a parking lot in Mountain View.  We originally collared 46m in January just south of […]

46M under a car

#46M ‘s (aka #MVpuma) big adventure in Mountain View!

In October, we introduced you to 41M and his brother, 46M, who taunted him through the bars when 41M was in our trap.  Then in January, 46M wandered into a trap we set for him and we gave him a collar to match his brother’s.  We didn’t see any sign of their mom until February, […]