• 960x420_puma_in_tree

    Puma Tracker

    Over the last 20 years animal movement data has become one of the primary tools in managing and conserving wildlife. Its helping scientists better understand the ecology of everything from albatross and bluefin tuna in the oceans to antelope and cheetahs on land. But how often does the non-scientist actually get to see and play […]

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    Capturing a Mountain Lion

    We’ve made a video of the mountain lion capture process explaining everything from looking for tracks to capturing and collaring the mountain lions themselves. If you’ve never seen redwoods glistening in the sunlight, or hound dogs picking up a fresh scent, or a mountain lion descending from over 40 feet up in a tree, then […]

  • 960x420_collar_in_hand

    High-Tech Collars

    Wildlife tracking devices have come a long way since the 1960’s. Back then scientists attached balloons to the backs of seals so they could follow them around the ocean by boat. Today GPS tags allow you do get dozens of locations a day on your study animals without leaving the comfort of your office (except […]

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    Habitat Fragmentation

    Habitat fragmentation is among the top threats to wildlife worldwide. Think about it. Just about everywhere you go in the world today, there are roads, houses and/or farms. For some species like coyotes, deer and raccoons, this is a great thing. But for other species like elephants, wolves and tigers it can spell doom. Here […]

Flattened grass from lion dragging its kill into the forest.

How to tell if a lion or coyote killed a deer

That’s a strange title for a blog post, no? We frequently receive calls and messages from local landowners telling us about a fresh-dead deer in their yard.  This is fascinating information and helpful to our research – we’ve trapped and collared several mountain lions in this way.  In many cases, the deer was killed by […]

Chris discussing our first puma (photo by Mike Bolte).

Chris’s Talk at the Rio

For those of you who missed Chris’s sellout talk at the Rio, here is a great writeup about it in the Sentinel.  Chris gave an exciting talk about our work so far with over 600 people filling the auditorium!  We’d like to thank the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County for hosting him and making […]

laurel curve

Why did the puma cross the road?…

…Well, maybe why isn’t as important as how.  Thanks to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, the pumas of the Santa Cruz Mountains are on their way to having a safe way to cross Highway 17!  Read more about it in their press release! We’ve talked before about how habitat connectivity is a very […]

41M and 46M have a mom after all!

Since October 2013, when we caught 41M while 46M looked on, we have repeatedly seen the brothers together. However, until just now, there has been no sign of a mom. We wondered if they had perhaps been orphaned, but their mom finally appeared on a fresh deer kill when our team was out tracking 41M a […]