Male and female mountain lion share a meal

Here is a rare glimpse of the chivalrous side of the male puma, stepping aside to share his meal with a female. Males aren’t always that nice, however, and will often attack or even kill animals that try to feed on their kills.

In the wild, pumas often cache their kills by scraping debris (or snow, in this case) over the carcass. I This helps keep the carcass fresh and prevents smells from leaking out into the surrounding environment. If you have cats at home, you might have noticed them similarly scratching by their food bowls sometimes – a remnant behavior from their wild past.

This video was captured by one of the older motion-detecting cameras we use so please excuse the graininess. There is snow on the ground because these pumas are located in Mendocino county and are being studied by one of affiliated biologists, Max Allen

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