16M’s fifteen minutes of fame

Hey everyone – check out Jason Hoppin’s story on 16M’s travels across Hwy 17! It’s the top Sunday story on the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and picked up by the San Jose Mercury News too! Shows that mountain lions still enthrall people. Keep following 16M’s journey on our blog and send him good wishes as he continues his dare-devil behavior.

16M the second time we captured him

Read the story here!

16M's crossings and GPS points


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  1. […] However compared to many other parts of the world, Haines is still relatively untouched. For example, our lab also works in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which borders bustling Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Here, humans far outnumber the animals, and any species that survives on this landscape has learned to adapt to human development. Specifically, we focus on mountain lions, the only apex predator remaining in California, and how their behavior is impacted by the people who live, work, play, and drive in these mountains. Today, an article highlighting the unique lifestyle of one of our study lions just made the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the San Jose Mercury News. We invite you to read the article here and to find more about 16M, the aforementioned mountain lion here. […]