Meet 38F

In all the excitement surrounding 39M, we didn’t get a chance to introduce our newest conventionally captured cat, 38F.

38F peering down from her perch

38F was captured in the large and relatively undisturbed Cemex Redwoods property¬†earlier this month using Dan’s hound dogs. Paul and company located her pretty quickly in the morning. However, she climbed very high into a tree to evade the dogs.

Paul heading up the tree

She was too high up to tranquilize and Paul tried an interesting strategy to convince her to move to a different tree. He climbed a neighboring tree and started shaking the tree! After a while, 38F was annoyed enough that she left her initial tree and ran to a second one that was much shorter. Long story short, Paul was then able to successfully dart her and collar her.

38F in tree hissing at Paul


38F is a nice looking, 2.5-3 year old female. She is 87 pounds and, upon examination, looks like she has previously had kittens. Welcome to the project!

A KQED news crew was with the puma team the whole day so keep your eyes open for a news story on 38F soon!


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