66M: The Early Bird Gets The Puma

Sunrise from Mt Umhunum.  Fog in the Santa Clara Valley, and the lights of New Almaden below.

My day started early today in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. I had been out since 5:30am searching for puma 26M in order to locate him for recapture. My plan was to start early and search for the radio signal from his tracking collar, and if I found him on property we had permission […]

38F: Catching a Thief

Three week old cub of puma 38F.  Photographed in July 2013.

We recaptured puma 38F last week.  She’s a 4 year old female. 38F’s previous claim to fame was being the star of a great web video that was produced by San Francisco’s KQED and the eventual mother of this cute little guy… Using radio-telemetry collars, like we do on this project, requires that we periodically […]

RIP 36m – Genomics godfather to all pumas!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.19.36 PM

Remember 36m?  This is the guy whose home range included the UCSC campus and went all the way up north close to Big Basin! One day he even decided to make a kill within view of the front steps of my office building.  Not sure who was stalking who :-). 36m also had a penchant […]

What’s in your fridge?

M36 with fawn

I am posting this on behalf of project post doc Max Allen, who writes: This morning I went on a walk and found 3 fresh scats from last night.  Two were from gray foxes and one was from a striped skunk, and all three were choc full of raspberry seeds. I myself had eaten my […]

Just a big kitty…


Here is 26M gettin’ down in front of one of our cameras. We stitched together this series of photos showing him rolling around on the ground, just like your cat on the front walk.

25F Comes back to the Puma Project!

Taking a blood sample from 25F (Photo by Julia Burks)

On February 3, puma project researcher Paul Houghtaling went looking for 25F again. In May 2012, 25F’s collar stopped sending GPS data, and we have been attempting to get her a new collar ever since. After many previous attempts to track down 25f, Paul went back to Wilder Ranch, 25F’s home turf, to try again. […]

Collecting scat for conservation with the help of local volunteers

Bobcat scat containing feathers from a Steller's Jay.

Have you ever seen an animal scat on the ground and wondered who it belonged to? Perhaps you pictured a bobcat slinking down the trail just before you, marking its territory before continuing its travels? Or a pair of coyotes cruising around looking for their next meal? I certainly have! Leaving a scat is not […]

Progress creating connection across the 17


Project post doc, Max Allen, and I recently went out in the field with Tanya Diamond and Ahiga Snyder from Pathways for Wildlife to see where the Santa Cruz County Land Trust will build the new wildlife crossing culvert under Highway 17. We started off our hike with Ahiga telling us the story of a […]

A bird’s eye view

Mark, Paul and Chris relaxing in front of the plane

Every month, one  of our biologists goes up in a plane to try to locate all of our study animals and download the GPS information from their collars. Flying is the most efficient way to download the GPS data because we can cover much more ground than driving. We are lucky to work with pilot […]

A detailed look at 46m’s journey from Big Basin to Mountain View #MVpuma

46M in a tree when he was captured in January.

By now many of your have read about 46m’s big adventure into downtown Mountain View.   Here we take a closer look at how he got there based on data we retrieved from his collar after we anesthetized him in a parking lot in Mountain View.  We originally collared 46m in January just south of […]