The San Mateo Puma (56M) – One Year Later

56M GPS locations, May 2015 to May 2016.

  On May 18 2015, a young male puma wandered deep into San Mateo.  He was caught by California Department of Fish and Wildlife wardens and transported back into nearby open space.  We met the wardens near the release site to place a collar on him. One year later, 56M is still roaming the scrubby […]

The Journeys of Young Pumas, and Welcome to Puma 56M

56M recovering and soon ready to continue searching for a territory

A young male puma was captured and returned safely to the wilds yesterday by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and San Mateo Police. As scientists studying pumas, we often receive questions about pumas when this happens. Usually the first questions are “Why does this happen?” and “Is it happening more frequently?” The short […]

Santa Cruz Pumas featured on BBC Science in Action podcast

Puma kill site near a home in Felton, CA

This week, we published a paper on puma behavioral responses to human development and how they relate to kill rates in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We found that females spend less time at their deer kills when they are close to people, and therefore kill deer more often to compensate. For more, listen to BBC’s […]

Puma sighting on UCSC campus

Mountain lion

A UCSC Cruz Alert was sent out on November 28 warning of two mountain lions spotted near the base of the UCSC campus. Mountain lions do occasionally move through campus property, due to the many preserved acres of land in Upper Campus and Pogonip, and the adjacency of large protected areas including Wilder Ranch and […]

Today’s Attack

Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve

We would like to send our thoughts and sympathies to the little boy who was attacked by a mountain lion in Cupertino today and to his family.  We hope he has a very quick and thorough recovery. We have information about what to do if you encounter a mountain lion on our FAQ.

Santa Cruz Puma Project featured on Science Nation

The Santa Cruz Puma Project was featured on this week’s Science Nation video from the National Science Foundation, entitled, “Bio-logging collar reveals unprecedented detail about California mountain lions“. This video shows three very important components of the puma project through interviews with Chris Wilmers (the ecologist), Gabe Elkaim (the engineer), and Terrie Williams (the physiologist). By building a team of […]

Hollywood Puma and Rat Poison


You may remember the beautiful National Geographic photo of a male puma, P-22, who lives in Griffith Park.  His territory is very close to humans, but, as far as we know, he’s never had a problem with that.  That is, until now. It turns out that P-22 has never bothered any people, but we have […]

A detailed look at 46m’s journey from Big Basin to Mountain View #MVpuma

46M in a tree when he was captured in January.

By now many of your have read about 46m’s big adventure into downtown Mountain View.   Here we take a closer look at how he got there based on data we retrieved from his collar after we anesthetized him in a parking lot in Mountain View.  We originally collared 46m in January just south of […]

#46M ‘s (aka #MVpuma) big adventure in Mountain View!

46M hiding under a car in Mountain View

In October, we introduced you to 41M and his brother, 46M, who taunted him through the bars when 41M was in our trap.  Then in January, 46M wandered into a trap we set for him and we gave him a collar to match his brother’s.  We didn’t see any sign of their mom until February, […]

Chris’s Talk at the Rio

Chris discussing our first puma (photo by Mike Bolte).

For those of you who missed Chris’s sellout talk at the Rio, here is a great writeup about it in the Sentinel.  Chris gave an exciting talk about our work so far with over 600 people filling the auditorium!  We’d like to thank the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County for hosting him and making […]