A tale of two pumas: 16M and 17M’s final chapters

17M (left) and 16M's skulls

Last week we visited the final resting places of two of our male lions, 16M and 17M. In both life and death, these two lions embodied the¬†diversity¬†of fates that may befall pumas living in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 17M was a small, 2 year old male when we first caught him in 2010. He lived […]


16M's battle scar

If the Santa Cruz pumas had a survivor contest, then 16M would undoubtedly be the winner. For the past two years, he’s made a dangerous living straddling both sides of Highway 17, a sinuous freeway connecting San Jose and Santa Cruz. All highways, for obvious reasons, are dangerous to wildlife and form barriers between animals […]