Welcome 41M, Goodbye 27M

Weighing in at 84 pounds, and around 14 months old, last week we welcomed 41M to the study.  In this video, you can see 41M walk into the trap while his sibling looks on.  The door closes behind him, distracting him for a moment, but then he returns to chowing down on the roadkill deer […]

What a fox!

White-tipped tail + black legs = red fox

Today’s digital motion-sensing trail cameras are a remarkable invention.  Just 10 years ago, I was a managing a camera trap survey of wildlife in the fragments of once-contiguous wildlife habitat that remained as new housing subdivisions developed around Seattle.  We used hand-modified 35mm point-and-shoot film cameras for still photos and hand-held mini-CD video recorders encased […]

Hounds and lions

Yesterday we re-collared 27m in the Soquel Demonstration Forest, our big male that splits his time between Nisene Marks and Sierra Azul. After running a few hundred yards downhill, he climbed this big douglas fir and camped out there until we got a tranquilizer dart in him. This guy was one cool cucumber. Despite four […]