RIP 36m – Genomics godfather to all pumas!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.19.36 PM

Remember 36m?  This is the guy whose home range included the UCSC campus and went all the way up north close to Big Basin! One day he even decided to make a kill within view of the front steps of my office building.  Not sure who was stalking who :-). 36m also had a penchant […]

Why’s that puma snarling at the camera?

This week’s blog was co-written by Sean McCain  (one of our field techs) Ever wonder how animals communicate using scent? Enter the flehmen response. The flehmen response is a communication behavior utilized by many mammals to identify pheromones left by other animals. A horse displaying a flehmen response     Male pumas may use the flehmen response at a […]

36M and 10F taking a nice early morning stroll

Two of our collared lions were caught on Max Allen’s camera this August associating with each other. And when a male and female lion “associate”, you know what that means… kittens! Maybe. Female lions have about a 3 month gestation period, so if 10F did get pregnant during her interactions with 36M, then she should […]