Crossing highways

Female killed on Hwy 280

This morning, we learned that 39M, the downtown puma from Santa Cruz, was hit and killed on Highway 17 around Vine Hill Road. When we caught the young male back in May, we recognized that his survival in the coming months would be difficult. After getting his new collar, 39M quickly proved a very interesting […]

Update on 39M, the Downtown Puma

Leg of a fawn, successfully hunted and eaten by 39M and evidence that he has the skills he' needs to survive (photo by Cameron Kolk)

  Here is an update on lion 39M, the young male that turned up in downtown Santa Cruz last month.  In short, he appears to be doing well, as interpreted from GPS locations and examination of a few sites where he’s killed and eaten prey.   GPS locations indicate that 39M is remaining near the […]

The Downtown Puma – 39M

39M waking up from capture

Today, we collared our newest puma, 39M, a young, dispersal-aged male in the most bizarre capture scenario imaginable. Instead of finding him using hound dogs among redwoods or trapping him in a cage with some road-kill deer, we found 39M in downtown Santa Cruz, near Ocean St and Soquel Ave, trapped in a narrow aqueduct […]