A tale of two pumas: 16M and 17M’s final chapters

17M (left) and 16M's skulls

Last week we visited the final resting places of two of our male lions, 16M and 17M. In both life and death, these two lions embodied the diversity of fates that may befall pumas living in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 17M was a small, 2 year old male when we first caught him in 2010. He lived […]

R.I.P, 3M.

3M's recovered collar.

I received a message from a friend a couple of days ago with curious news: a friend of his had found a puma skeleton and tracking collar near Wilder Ranch State Park, and did I want the collar?  “Yes, of course” I replied, suspecting that the remains must be those of puma 3M, the only […]

Public radio piece about puma-human relations

3m visits scrape site

This is a nice Crosscurrents spot by Erica Geiss about the project.    My favorite part about it is that they used my toothbrush quote 😉 You’re much more likely to die from getting struck by lightning or from impaling yourself on your toothbrush than you are from a mountain lion.