Video: Female puma & cubs

  A trail camera we have posted at a puma scent marking site caught this brief glimpse into the busy life of a mother puma.  Believe it or not, despite hundreds or thousands of trail camera videos of pumas traveling, this is the first one we’ve captured of a mother traveling with tiny cubs.   […]

What a fox!

White-tipped tail + black legs = red fox

Today’s digital motion-sensing trail cameras are a remarkable invention.  Just 10 years ago, I was a managing a camera trap survey of wildlife in the fragments of once-contiguous wildlife habitat that remained as new housing subdivisions developed around Seattle.  We used hand-modified 35mm point-and-shoot film cameras for still photos and hand-held mini-CD video recorders encased […]

Some cool new technology


About  a year ago, we got this cool new cell-phone game camera – the ScoutGuard SG550M. A cell-phone game camera is one that texts and emails you when it takes a picture, at least theoretically. Well, we had some issues with it and it laid around gathering dust for a while, but we finally got […]