66M: The Early Bird Gets The Puma

Sunrise from Mt Umhunum.  Fog in the Santa Clara Valley, and the lights of New Almaden below.

My day started early today in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. I had been out since 5:30am searching for puma 26M in order to locate him for recapture. My plan was to start early and search for the radio signal from his tracking collar, and if I found him on property we had permission […]

38F: Catching a Thief

Three week old cub of puma 38F.  Photographed in July 2013.

We recaptured puma 38F last week.  She’s a 4 year old female. 38F’s previous claim to fame was being the star of a great web video that was produced by San Francisco’s KQED and the eventual mother of this cute little guy… Using radio-telemetry collars, like we do on this project, requires that we periodically […]

4 days, 3 pumas!

43F (photo by Mike Bolte)

The puma project has been on a puma catching spree this last week: we caught 3 different animals in 4 days! Starting Monday last week, we set out 6 road kill deer in two large properties to see what pumas we might attract. Our streak began Wednesday with the capture of 42M, a young small […]

Our family grows by one: welcome 42M!

The team taking 42M's weight (photo by Kate Richerson)

On Wednesday night, we captured our newest puma in the Cemex Redwoods using a cage trap. We have had pretty great success with cage traps recently – catching a puma on 3 out of 4 attempts. We weren’t sure if 42M was going to return to the cage because in the previous night, he had eaten […]

A miss and a hit! – meet 37M

37M still sleepy from tranquilizers

After over eight months since 36M’s capture, our team here has been itching to catch a new puma. Over the weekend, we tried to catch an uncollared animal using a cage baited by some road kill deer. While we succeeded in luring the animal into the trap, s/he managed to escape before the cage-door came […]

Capturing a Mountain Lion


We’ve made a video of the mountain lion capture process explaining everything from looking for tracks to capturing and collaring the mountain lions themselves. If you’ve never seen redwoods glistening in the sunlight, or hound dogs picking up a fresh scent, or a mountain lion descending from over 40 feet up in a tree, then […]