38F: Catching a Thief

Three week old cub of puma 38F.  Photographed in July 2013.

We recaptured puma 38F last week.  She’s a 4 year old female. 38F’s previous claim to fame was being the star of a great web video that was produced by San Francisco’s KQED and the eventual mother of this cute little guy… Using radio-telemetry collars, like we do on this project, requires that we periodically […]

Why collar kittens?


The Santa Cruz Puma Project was recently  granted permission to start tracking puma kittens by fitting them with GPS collars when they are about four weeks old. We have received some questions from the public about why we want to follow the kittens from early on in their lives, and would love to share why we […]

R.I.P, 3M.

3M's recovered collar.

I received a message from a friend a couple of days ago with curious news: a friend of his had found a puma skeleton and tracking collar near Wilder Ranch State Park, and did I want the collar?  “Yes, of course” I replied, suspecting that the remains must be those of puma 3M, the only […]

‘Smart Collar’ in the Works to Manage Wildlife Better

Puma on treadmill

Here’s a recent New York Times article about the work Terrie is doing to calibrate our new collars on captive mountain lions in Colorado.  They said it couldn’t be done, but sure enough these lions are walking on a treadmill!  We’ll eventually be able to use the energetic measurements that Terrie is getting on these […]