The Journeys of Young Pumas, and Welcome to Puma 56M

56M recovering and soon ready to continue searching for a territory

A young male puma was captured and returned safely to the wilds yesterday by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and San Mateo Police. As scientists studying pumas, we often receive questions about pumas when this happens. Usually the first questions are “Why does this happen?” and “Is it happening more frequently?” The short […]

A detailed look at 46m’s journey from Big Basin to Mountain View #MVpuma

46M in a tree when he was captured in January.

By now many of your have read about 46m’s big adventure into downtown Mountain View.   Here we take a closer look at how he got there based on data we retrieved from his collar after we anesthetized him in a parking lot in Mountain View.  We originally collared 46m in January just south of […]

Update on 39M, the Downtown Puma

Leg of a fawn, successfully hunted and eaten by 39M and evidence that he has the skills he' needs to survive (photo by Cameron Kolk)

  Here is an update on lion 39M, the young male that turned up in downtown Santa Cruz last month.  In short, he appears to be doing well, as interpreted from GPS locations and examination of a few sites where he’s killed and eaten prey.   GPS locations indicate that 39M is remaining near the […]

Update on 35M


Last month, we told you about 35M, a young dispersing male who was traveling all around the Bay Area looking for a place to settle down (see his old map here). Our recent data on him shows that he might have settled down a bit west of Portola Valley near Palo Alto. Of course, being […]

On the road: 35M’s wild journey

35M's wild journey

When a young male kitten grows up, he  must leave the relative safety of his mother’s protection to venture out into the world alone. If he hopes to survive and build his own territory, he must successfully avoid being killed by other male lions, including his own father, who would not recognize him as a […]