The San Mateo Puma (56M) – One Year Later

56M GPS locations, May 2015 to May 2016.

  On May 18 2015, a young male puma wandered deep into San Mateo.  He was caught by California Department of Fish and Wildlife wardens and transported back into nearby open space.  We met the wardens near the release site to place a collar on him. One year later, 56M is still roaming the scrubby […]

The Journeys of Young Pumas, and Welcome to Puma 56M

56M recovering and soon ready to continue searching for a territory

A young male puma was captured and returned safely to the wilds yesterday by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and San Mateo Police. As scientists studying pumas, we often receive questions about pumas when this happens. Usually the first questions are “Why does this happen?” and “Is it happening more frequently?” The short […]


16M's battle scar

If the Santa Cruz pumas had a survivor contest, then 16M would undoubtedly be the winner. For the past two years, he’s made a dangerous living straddling both sides of Highway 17, a sinuous freeway connecting San Jose and Santa Cruz. All highways, for obvious reasons, are dangerous to wildlife and form barriers between animals […]

Public radio piece about puma-human relations

3m visits scrape site

This is a nice Crosscurrents spot by Erica Geiss about the project.    My favorite part about it is that they used my toothbrush quote 😉 You’re much more likely to die from getting struck by lightning or from impaling yourself on your toothbrush than you are from a mountain lion.  

Habitat Fragmentation


Habitat fragmentation is among the top threats to wildlife worldwide. Think about it. Just about everywhere you go in the world today, there are roads, houses and/or farms. For some species like coyotes, deer and raccoons, this is a great thing. But for other species like elephants, wolves and tigers it can spell doom. Here […]