Progress creating connection across the 17


Project post doc, Max Allen, and I recently went out in the field with Tanya Diamond and Ahiga Snyder from Pathways for Wildlife to see where the Santa Cruz County Land Trust will build the new wildlife crossing culvert under Highway 17. We started off our hike with Ahiga telling us the story of a […]

New Exciting Video About Local Habitat Connectivity!


POST and Pathways for Wildlife have partnered up and put together an excellent video about culverts and Highway 17!  In the video, Tanya Diamond and Ahiga Snyder explain some of the work they’ve been doing to increase habitat connectivity across such a formidable barrier to individual movements and gene flow around the Santa Cruz Mountains. […]

Crossing highways

Female killed on Hwy 280

This morning, we learned that 39M, the downtown puma from Santa Cruz, was hit and killed on Highway 17 around Vine Hill Road. When we caught the young male back in May, we recognized that his survival in the coming months would be difficult. After getting his new collar, 39M quickly proved a very interesting […]

Crossing Highway 17

17 culvert

We’ve talked before about the dangers of crossing Highway 17, you may remember 16M, or Atlas, crossed dozens of times and was stuck and injured once.  Many pumas and other animals are not as lucky and are killed.  Some animals try and dart across highways, while others may use culverts that run under the road […]

Los Gatos loses a gata: RIP 11F

11F being recollared in 2012

This week, using GPS locations from her collar, Paul and Chris F. located 11F’s final resting spot in the hills above Los Gatos, a town named after her ancestors. From what they could see, she seems to have died of natural causes in January, far from roads, people’s homes, and without any obvious injuries on […]