Meet 38F

38F in tree hissing at Paul

In all the excitement surrounding 39M, we didn’t get a chance to introduce our newest conventionally captured cat, 38F. 38F was captured in the large and relatively undisturbed Cemex Redwoods property¬†earlier this month using Dan’s hound dogs. Paul and company located her pretty quickly in the morning. However, she climbed very high into a tree […]

7F recaptured yesterday

7F looking down from tree

Yesterday, the team recaptured 7F in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve in Los Gatos in order to replace her collar, which was about to run out of batteries. She’s one of our oldest and most successful cats, at about 9 years old, and is currently raising a one year old male kitten (who was photographed […]

Hounds and lions

Yesterday we re-collared 27m in the Soquel Demonstration Forest, our big male that splits his time between Nisene Marks and Sierra Azul. After running a few hundred yards downhill, he climbed this big douglas fir and camped out there until we got a tranquilizer dart in him. This guy was one cool cucumber. Despite four […]