Video: Female puma & cubs

  A trail camera we have posted at a puma scent marking site caught this brief glimpse into the busy life of a mother puma.  Believe it or not, despite hundreds or thousands of trail camera videos of pumas traveling, this is the first one we’ve captured of a mother traveling with tiny cubs.   […]

Why collar kittens?


The Santa Cruz Puma Project was recently  granted permission to start tracking puma kittens by fitting them with GPS collars when they are about four weeks old. We have received some questions from the public about why we want to follow the kittens from early on in their lives, and would love to share why we […]

Into the Lion’s Den – 44M & 45M


Lion 23F gave birth to a litter of kittens about 4 weeks ago near Forest of Nisene Marks State Park.  Our team visited her current nursery site today and found 2 feisty 5 ½ pound kittens, known to our project now as 44M and 45M.     We briefly handled them to fit them with […]

Welcome 41M, Goodbye 27M

Weighing in at 84 pounds, and around 14 months old, last week we welcomed 41M to the study.  In this video, you can see 41M walk into the trap while his sibling looks on.  The door closes behind him, distracting him for a moment, but then he returns to chowing down on the roadkill deer […]

New kittens

One of 38F's kittens, about 5 weeks old (photo by Paul Houghtaling)

It turns out lion 38F was pregnant when we captured and collared her for the first time while filming our field work with KQED.  She gave birth to a litter of 3 kittens early last month.    

Happy Holidays! See you next year…

Mom carrying kitten

The Santa Cruz Mountains Puma Project wishes you joy during this holiday season, and we will return to blogging next year. For our last blog, we thought we’d share a story from Florida, the last home to pumas (called panthers there) in the eastern US. Recently, camera traps from US Fish and Wildlife Service captured […]

36M and 10F taking a nice early morning stroll

Two of our collared lions were caught on Max Allen’s camera this August associating with each other. And when a male and female lion “associate”, you know what that means… kittens! Maybe. Female lions have about a 3 month gestation period, so if 10F did get pregnant during her interactions with 36M, then she should […]

It’s Kitten Season!

19F's new kitten

For the first time in our 4 year long project, all of our collared female lions are raising kittens! It seems that a real birth pulse has occurred this summer, with most of our females giving birth in July and August. By now, you have met 23F’s kittens, but we wanted to introduce you to […]

Update on 23F’s kittens

I know a lot of you enjoyed the photos of 23F’s kittens. Since we visited them, 23F has moved her kittens to several different hiding places (as a good mother should) to keep them safe. However, before we took off, we left a trail camera there to see if we could capture any interesting behavior, […]

Cougar kittens! 23F’s new litter in Nisene Marks State Park

Puma Kitten 2

On Tuesday, we went to Nisene Marks State Park in search of 23F’s new litter of kittens. After her last litter was eaten by an unknown predator before we could count the kittens, 23F quickly bred again and gave birth about three weeks ago! Using her GPS information, we were able to track down her […]