Why’s that puma snarling at the camera?

This week’s blog was co-written by Sean McCain  (one of our field techs) Ever wonder how animals communicate using scent? Enter the flehmen response. The flehmen response is a communication behavior utilized by many mammals to identify pheromones left by other animals. A horse displaying a flehmen response     Male pumas may use the flehmen response at a […]

36M and 10F taking a nice early morning stroll

Two of our collared lions were caught on Max Allen’s camera this August associating with each other. And when a male and female lion “associate”, you know what that means… kittens! Maybe. Female lions have about a 3 month gestation period, so if 10F did get pregnant during her interactions with 36M, then she should […]

Up close and personal with a female puma

Graduate student Max Allen captured this video of a female puma advertising for mates in the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can see she gets very close to the camera, rubbing against in a manner that any cat owner will recognize instantly! Pumas are solitary animals, which makes the mating scene a bit of a challenge. […]

It’s fall and love in is in the air! Or at least pheromones…

two collared cats!

Happy fall everyone! I wanted to share some fun news about our pumas. Based on their GPS information, it seems that 26M and 28F have been spending quite a bit of time together this last week in Sierra Azul Open Space and Almaden Quiksilver Park. I think we can safely say that  we expect some […]